Monday, December 10, 2007

I, Robot for Atari is Sweet

So I was trying to write an annotated bibliography for my Com Theory class and I got distracted. I started looking up old computers and found a website called "The History of Computing Project" and was looking through their video game timeline. I got down to 1984 and saw that the first game with 3D vector graphics came out for Atari.
Fortunately the game has a small following and I got to play the game after downloading a game emulator from here and then scouring for the ROM. I had to download the 0.89 version of the emulator because the 2.0 didn't work.
Great game. I wanna get it working on a machine to be arcade style or something. Great old video games are gonna be lost unless people are able to transfer them onto the Internet for people to enjoy. Video Games and other software should become public domain after 10 years or something.
I've been trying to get a copy of an old PlayStation game called Einhander. I had a demo disc and I really want to find it. That game is sweet too.