Saturday, February 20, 2010

Laptop mount for Camera Tripod

Attaching something like a laptop to a sturdy camera tripod should be something I would hope can be done by all computers in the future but right now I supposed the demand just isn't there. Pat. Pend. 
FIG. 1
This could have expendable arms that could grab the corners of a device and be tightened into place. This could be accomplished as simply as a wingnut. But in order for the laptop to be removed and placed easily and evenly on a seperate surface, feet may have to be placed near the corners or somewhere in between the center mounting 

FIG. 2

FIG. 3

Fig 2 &3 Show a rectangular plate with ledges that will act like a table top for the laptop. I want this to work.
If there was a plate that held the laptop or laptop shapped device, it has to have ventalation and a sturdy grip that I suppose would be adjustable. Foam or cusions would have to keep away from disk drives or fan vents.