Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adobe Flash Media for My Phone

The .flv extention is not very hip with the Palm OS. Kinoma is the only guy out there that is doing anything to make a dent. Kinoma Player 4 EX is the one option I've seen that will actually let me play flash video files. It really means little when you're surfing the mobile web. The video format used by YouTube's mobile database is a slimmed up version of a Quicktime default format. The impact of the iPhone no doubt.

Kinoma's software for PalmOS costs $24.99.
It will let you play the .flv files on a memory card.

The software's guide to online media is fine but it doesn't offer any support to Pandora of Last.FM which makes it pretty useless to me. Those are the only two ways to listen to discover new music. If I want other music the phone is already an mp3 player.

What I need is to find a way to make the flash media plug-in.
I have never programed for PalmOS before.

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