Monday, September 29, 2008

Internet Radio Search Engine

When will Google grab this plum. The media on the internet is far to scattered. We need to make a website that runs like surfthechannel but for internet radio. A database containing user entered data that logs the title, the most direct link to the station, the format of the streaming file and what player is required. Plus, a whole bunch of other things like ratings and comments and many other extras could be slapped on.

Dealing with adult content I think should be avoided for this site, maybe a seperate site for the dirty stuff if at all. Personal radio stations and things like pandora or should definately be allowed. The same principal of linking directly to the content provider should be maintained just like surfthechannel.

Personalization of the site should also be avoided as that is to provide a service to the user which is best left to big companies that can afford to blow money on managing the user data. The only data I want to see is the data of the radio stations. Tags might be useful but I dislike the unorganized scatter brain stuff. A better tag needs to be created only for radio.

Maybe we should encourage users to to include rss feeds too to help keep the search engine more up to date. Searching through rss feeds might mean buffering the rss feeds data into a quickly retrievable database. Probably best to leave that till a later version of the site. It's not of primary concern.

Podcasts could go either way. I don't think there are any legal issues with podcasts. I mean podcasts are just mp3s, right? I mean there's like an .xml file involved or something. I think. I dunno about these podcasts yet. I think it'll be fine to include them somehow.

I gotta think about this some more.

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